Induction Program for day care workers

The Induction Program serves as an initial step in keeping the Day Care Workers/Child Development Workers up-to-date on recent developments and global views about early childhood care and development, with emphasis on early learning. This activity is in line with Republic Act No.10410 or “The Early Years Act” objectives, “to upgrade and update the capabilities of service providers and their supervisors to comply with quality standards for various ECCD programs” (Section 3.h).

The Program involves activities that may be categorized into: 1) Orientation to what the ECCD Council is and the current ECCD programs being implemented in the country; and 2) Induction to the new roles and responsibilities of Day Care Workers/Child Development Workers to prepare them on innovative trends about ECCD. Sessions and workshop type of activities cover the aforementioned categories, adopting the Adult Learning Approach to emphasize that the Child Development Workers and other ECCD stakeholders in the Local Government Unit are goal-oriented, practical, and experience-based when learning.

The Induction Program is conducted in cities/municipalities that are beneficiaries of the National Child Development Centers (NCDC). This is to support the professionalism and upscaling of the quality of ECCD implementation in Child Development Centers across communities are achieved.