Functions of the ECCD Council Section 10 of RA 10410

The ECCD Council shall carry out the objectives of the National ECCD System by performing the following functions:

(a) Promulgate policies and implement guidelines for ECCD programs in consultation with stakeholders, including the regional level when appropriate, consistent with the national  policy  and program frameworks as defined in this Act;

(b) Establish ECCD program standards that reflect developmentally appropriate practices for ECCD programs, which shall interface with the kindergarten curriculum of the DepED;

(c) Develop a national system for the recruitment, registration, accreditation, continuing  education and equivalency, and credential system of ECCD service providers, supervisors and  administrators to improve and professionalize the ECCD sector and upgrade quality standards of  public and private ECCD programs;

(d) Develop a national system of awards and recognition to deserving ECCD program implementers and service providers;

(e) Promote, encourage and coordinate the various ECCD programs of the DepED, the DSWD, the DOH and the NNC, and monitor the delivery of services to the ECCD program beneficiaries nationwide;

(f) Evaluate and assess the impact and outcome of various ECCD programs nationwide through an effective information system;

(g) Develop a national system for early identification, screening and surveillance of young children from age zero (0) to four (4) years;

(h) Develop various support mechanisms that maximize public and private resources for implementing ECCD programs, giving priority to the needy and high risk children from poor communities;

(i) Provide funds to poor and disadvantaged communities for the establishment and expansion of public ECCD programs, improvement of physical facilities and for hiring of ECCD service providers;

(j) Promote and encourage private sector initiatives for the establishment of ECCD programs;

(k) Provide guidelines for the conduct of solicitations from local and international civic organizations, and request private foundations to supplement available resources; and

(l) Perform such other functions as the ECCD Council may deem necessary.