Who We Are

The Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council is a government agency mandated by Republic Act 10410, or the Early Years Act of 2013, to act as the primary agency supporting the government’s ECCD programs that covers health, nutrition, early education, and social services for children ages 0-4 years. It is responsible in developing policies and programs, providing technical assistance and support to ECCD service providers, and monitoring ECCD service benefits and outcomes.

What We Do

Training Programs

The ECCD Council has established mechanisms for the systematic professionalization of ECCD service providers through its Human Resource Development (HRD) Programs. The programs train ECCD service providers on recent developments and global views about early childhood care and development. They are also equipped with suitable knowledge, skills, and values with regard to early childhood care and education for children aged zero (0) to four (4) and parent mentoring.

National Child Development Center

The National Child Development Center (NCDC) is the flagship program of the Council and is the centerpiece of all its ECCD initiatives. It is a child-friendly facility that serves as the first school of children 0 to 4 years old, in the barangay, and is envisioned to attain the goal of expanding the access to quality early childhood care and development.

Advocacy, Information, and Communication

The ECCD Council has different kinds of Advocacy, and Social Mobilization (ASM) activities that are designed to generate awareness, interest, and understanding on Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD).

NCDC - Enrolment, Tracking and Information System (NETIS)

A web-based information system used by the ECCD Council and its partner-LGUs to monitor and track the operation of NCDCs including its ECCD service delivery across the country. It contains a database of ECCD data within the LGU including but not limited to children ages 0-4, their families and their respective communities, child development centers (CDCs) and child development teachers/workers (CDT/Ws). The system features an automated ECCD Checklist to track the holistic development of children enrolled in the NCDC.